Therapeutic NO HANDS® Massage for West Dorset

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of NO HANDS Massage!

NO HANDS massageMassage is one of the most powerful and ancient natural therapies on the planet. There are many different reasons why people book a massage treatment and they range from the need to unwind and release muscular tension, to recharging our depleted energy levels and to needing a simple physical ‘de-tox’.

NO HANDS is one of the most powerful approaches to massage and touch that I have come across. It enables me to work deeply, yet gently. For this reason, massage therapists across the world are hailing it as the Gentle Giant of massage. It is very different from conventional approaches to Massage because it can go so deep – yet feel so pleasant and relaxing.

Over twenty years of its clinical development, the founder Gerry Pyves noticed that most people came for NO HANDS massage for one of the following reasons:

  • RELEASING ~ Allow your body to realign itself and feel free, loose and balanced
  • CONNECTING ~ Improve your body-awareness and bring your mind back into your body
  • NURTURING ~ Use the flow to go into that safe space from which your body can heal itself
  • ENERGISING ~ Helping you to feel cleansed, revitalised and rejuvenated
  • REPLETING ~ Take time out for yourself to be still, replenish your energy and feel uplifted
  • TRANSFORMING ~ Discover your truth and become who you were born to be

I invite you to use this list to start thinking about how you want to feel at the end of your massage, before you actually arrive for your session. As soon as you start thinking about this, you are beginning the treatment! Do not worry if you are unclear – it is my job to help you to clarify this when you arrive, this normally only takes a minute or two.

As a qualified NO HANDS massage practitioner, I can offer you several different NO HANDS massage treatments; and each one can be done in a variety of styles, so it is worth spending a few moments thinking about your outcome. How do you want to feel at the end?

Like most natural therapies; massage has a cumulative effect; meaning that when you have regular sessions, one or two weeks apart, you will notice more benefits each time. Your body ‘remembers’ how good it felt after the previous session, and automatically starts to release tension the moment you get on the table! This means that your third session is ten times more effective than your first. This is just how ‘touch medicine’ works. It is probably the most ancient medicine on the planet. Pick up the booklet “An Ancient Formula...” when you come in for a massage if you want to read more about this.

To encourage you to experience the power of regular massage sessions, I offer discounts on all weekly and fortnightly treatment packages.

NO HANDS massage is a fluid, dynamic and meditative massage that is deeply relaxing, rejuvenating an nourishing.
NO HANDS massage works on every level, Physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. All you need to do to gain optimum benefit from your massage is BREATHE, FEEL and RELEASE.

I look forward to working with you!


"I have been a builder for over 40 years. The Hands Free massage is one of the best massages as I find it gets very deep. This in turn gives a relaxing effect which continues afterwards. I have been all over the world and to be able to get this superb massage on our doorstep in Bridport is fantastic. I would recommend it for everyone."
David R, Bridport